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The Rise and Fall of the Negro Baseball League Essay

The Rise and Fall of the Negro Baseball League For the better part of the 20th century, African American baseball players played under unequal opportunity. On one side of the field, European descendants were given a license to play this childrens game for money and national fame. While on the other side of the field, African slave descendants were also given a license to play - as long as they didnt encroach upon the leagues of the Caucasians. What was left over for African American player in terms of riches was meager at best. Though the fortune wasnt there, the love and fame within the African American communities made the players of the Negro Baseball League legends. I chose to explore the Negro Baseball League to form an†¦show more content†¦However, after many unfortunate incidents, blacks were silently banned from playing major league baseball. In a racially segregated America that dictated a separate game for white and black fans, there necessarily developed two distinct baseball cultures. During this separation, baseball was not complete. The majority of Americans rode with the flow of the mainstream, following its course intently, with only an occasional excursion to see the flow of the parallel stream. Thus, for a half-century, white Americans sat watching major league baseball, only vaguely aware of the shadowy world of black baseball that existed beyond the scope of their vision(Riley, J. 1996). To most white baseball observers, black ballplayers were as unreal as the shadows on Platos wall. In this world of reflected images there existed exceptionally talented players whose ability was unsurpassed anywhere. African Americans continued to play baseball by forming their own teams. All the teams barnstormed, or traveled around, to find competition. At this time, there was no formal league to organize these teams. It was during the barnstorming era that the term, shadowball, came into being. During this time, the New York Lincoln Giants warmed up by playing something called shadowball. This activity had all the players pretending that they were hitting or pitching a ball. This act, before the games, really amused the crowds. In 1920,Show MoreRelatedSports, Does Talent Actually Matter?1624 Words   |  7 PagesIn sports, does talent actually matter? We would like to think that the structure of sports allows the cream to rise to the top, that the best of the beset are the ones that move on to the professional leagues, are the ones that get the highest paying jobs. We would like to think because that is what we’ve been taught by society, that through hard work, you can make yourself good enough to make simply make it. That is what the American Dream is, so why not apply that mentality to the sports worldRead MoreBaseball : The Rise And Ruin Of A Black Institution Essay1886 Words   |  8 PagesBaseball, America’s so-called national pastime, has a history that closely mirrors the country’s own. Specifically, for most of the first half of the twentieth century, white and black Americans played in entirely separate leagues like much of the heavily segregated society at the time. White owners and general managers would simply not allow black ballplayers on their teams, regardless of their skill level. While white s had organized baseball, a rigid professional system complete with minor leaguesRead MoreEssay on The History of Baseball2347 Words   |  10 PagesThe History of Baseball Baseball in America is about as common as alcohol in college , it is everywhere and participated by everyone. Children and adults play baseball in small towns and large cities and professionals play it throughout the country. The game of baseball is Americas pastime and it popularity is enormous. The beginning of the 20th century between the 1930s sparked the emergenceRead MoreThe Rise And Fall Of Troy Maxon1278 Words   |  6 PagesThe Rise and Fall of Troy Maxon: An Analysis of August Wilson’s play Fences In Fences, August Wilson, the playwright, provides a believable and powerful examination of the African American experience in the late 1950’s. It provides an apt portrayal of the mentality of African American men going into the civil rights movement, as well as a well-developed account of the friction that occurs between a father and a son, and a husband and wife in the face of conflict. According to Wilson, his play providesRead MoreAfrican Americans And The Civil Rights Movement3995 Words   |  16 Pagesmandatory minimum sentences and 20% more likely to be sentenced to prison than white drug defendants (11 Facts About Racial Discrimination). Racism in professional sports goes back decades. Not just in any particular sport but all sports such as baseball, boxing, and basketball. Athletes and professional teams are all affected by racism. Athletes have responded to such racism on their own and as a team by making a stand and protest. A very famous racial protest that people might ve heard of or definitelyRead MoreModern History.Hsc.2012 Essay25799 Words   |  104 Pagesconservatives opposed FDR’s wide-sweeping change of direction, but they were largely ineffectual in their opposition. Among FDR’s conservative opponents were Democrats, John W. Davis and Al Smith who mobilized business men into the American Liberty League. Opposition to FDR’s New Deal also came from the Old Right, a group of conservative free-market anti-interventionists, originally associated with Midwestern Republicans led by Hoover and Robert A. Taft. The Old Right accused Roosevelt of promoting

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College For All Gaps Between Desirable And Actual P 12...

Education Research Article Classification Cara Beaty Article: College for All: Gaps Between Desirable and Actual P-12 Math Achievement Trajectories for College Readiness, by Jaekyung Lee, from Educational Researcher Volume 41, Number 2, March 2012 Classification: Question: Is the article or report empirical research? Yes, because empirical research as define from McMillan, relies on data that is tangible. We know this report to be empirical or tangible because the models came from nationally represented data samples of assessments in the United States. These three assessments were then compared against one another. Question: Is the research quantitative, qualitative or mixed-methods? The report is unquestionably quantitative.†¦show more content†¦Lee believes there is a disconnect in our current P-12 education system and actual college readiness and completion. We are not properly meeting the needs of students to be admitted to college and to graduate college. The study looks at national data sets of curriculum-based achievement test data from preschool, elementary, and secondary education students to recognize college level entree and attainment. He was also curious about the gap between our nation and state standards being high enough to meet college readiness and success. His report solely looked at math achievement. His reasoning was that high school math is one of the strongest predictors of college success and because testing data is widely available and objective. Lee looked at three different sets of national data across education, to examine college readiness benchmarks again two-year and four-year colleges admission and graduation. This is a summary of each of those data sets: †¢ Tracking Average Math Achievement Levels: Lee used prior research from the national academic growth trajectories to use a longitudinally data sets to track math achievement growth during P-12. †¢ Estimating Math Achievement Benchmarks for College Readiness: This study used benchmark scores from NELS exams against students who attended a two-year versus a

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Mass General Hospital Free Essays

What are the primary challenges in improving operating processes in a health care environment? †¢Maintaining Quality Care. †¢Coordination of department segments †¢Reducing cost without compromising patient care †¢Support from the staff / stakeholders †¢To remove / determine non-value added activity †¢Conformance and control 2. What is a care path? Care path is used to manage the quality in healthcare with regards to standardization of care process by minimizing delays and with resource utilization while maximizing the quality of care. We will write a custom essay sample on Mass General Hospital or any similar topic only for you Order Now . What are its specific features? †¢Control Cost †¢Diagnostics testing†¢Standardization †¢Create efficiencies †¢Improves communication †¢Improves coordination †¢Allows for flexibility †¢Provides Reliability †¢Faster diagnostics a. What does it not do? ?Apply to all ?Make any guarantees 4. What are the most common causes of extended stay for CABG patients? †¢Not having a Care path †¢Amount of therapy required †¢Level of complications †¢Health care payment method 5. What are some of the important steps the team took to develop the care ath to make it acceptable to everyone involved? †¢Creating of cross functional teams †¢Working with and listening to everyone †¢Making all feel like part of the process †¢Ensuring there are quality controls / checks and balances 6. What are the hazards of standardizing the process too rigorously? †¢Not getting buying from staff †¢Misdiagnosis †¢Increasing cost 7. What are the dangers of allowing too much freedom to customize the process? †¢Increasing cost †¢Failure to collaborate †¢Patient takes too long to be diagnosed or misdiagnosed 8.Does every care path patient have to go through all the steps in the care path? What happens to patients who do not follow the path fully? †¢No, patients can be removed from any step within the care path once it is determined that the care path is not going to work for the patient. Obviously there is going to be a percentage of patients that are going to deviate from the standard. For these patients they must follow a path specific to receiving the proper diagnosis and treatment. This may require addition diagnostic testing, seeing specialist, longer stay, additional therapy etc. How to cite Mass General Hospital, Papers

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Australian Contact Law Contractual Creation

Question: Discuss about theAustralian Contact Lawfor Contractual Creation. Answer: Introduction Within the territories of Australia, contract law encompasses the scope to study and practice the following broad studies: contractual creation, capacity and substance of contract, evasion of contractual liability, recital and annihilation of contract and the cure for violation of contract[1]. Therefore, one can state that any promise rendered between two more parties, through written means comes under the classification of a contract law. In Australia, majorly the contract law is controlled by the common law, however, as time has passed by, various statutes have come into existence which are reflecting and resonating the provisions of the common law of contract[2]. It must be taken into account that the primary source of contract law in Australia comes from the common English Laws, with reflection from chronologically updated judgments in the courts of Australia. The history of change in application of contract law can be best explained through the radical approaches shown by majority of the English lawyers. I would like to quote one of the greatest English lawyers, Sir Frederick Pollock who wrote to Oliver Wendell Holmes in 1877, Laws do not subsist for the technical fulfillment of the legal intellect, but rather for the expediency of the common people who sue and are sued. Now, it can be said that law existing for practical purposes are more definite lacking an explicit code than with one appears to be steep paradox.[3] Termination of a contract can occur when one of the innocent parties claims foul play or violation of the terms of contract by the other party. In such cases, the right to terminate a contract may come into place either through the means of the provisions entered into the contract or by means of operation of law. In case the right to terminate a contract arises through the means of operation of law, the innocent party to contract holds the right to terminate the contract wherein the violation is repudiatory. Body What is Breach of Contract? One of the most important facets of the Australian contract law has become to be the deciding factors prima facie which takes into consideration that a contract has been breached by the one of the parties to contract. It is a phenomenon which provides the power to a contracting agent, the right to discharge himself from a particular contract owing to the allegiance of the other partys intention to breach a contract.[4] Judges in the past have faced immense difficulty in gauging when a breach to contract has taken place; however, after the historical judgment in the case of Photo Production Ltd v Securicor Transport Ltd, the grounds for breach of contract came into clear existence. When Can Breach of Contract Occur? One can take a wide look at the various situations where the breach of contract may occur. The following paragraph will explain these situations as well as take up examples which replicate the situations, thereby explaining to the readers whether termination of contract for breach of condition is important, even if it is a minor one. In the case law of Koompahtoo Local Aboriginal Land Council v Sanpine Pty Ltd, grounds for breach of contract were established under three different manners. Firstly, a party must renounce the contract. This leads to a situation where in one of the parties to contract has restricted itself, intentionally or unintentionally, from following the different functions and deliverables it was entitled to provide to the other party. A simple example of this could be a contract law between a contract laborer and a construction company where the construction company has stopped paying the hourly wages to the laborer. In such a case, the construction company has renounced itself from the obligations of a contract, therefore, terming it into a case of renunciation from contractual law. Other situations where the contract is deemed to be terminated owing to breach of contract could either be a violation of an essential term or a serious violation of a non-essential term in the contract[5]. Termination for Breach of an Essential Term In the position of Australian law, one must notice that a contract can be terminated for the breach of an essential term. Now, one must notice that this essential term need not be a major part to the contract, however, could also represent a minor part to contract; which might lead to major change in the deliverable mentioned in the contact[6]. For instance, the contract could mention the payment of the wage in Australian Dollars; however, in case the manager pays the employee or contractual employee rather in a currency against which the value of Australian Dollars has decreased, it shall be considered a minor violation of the contractual law, should the manager disagree to pay him in Australian Dollars (however, leading to discharge of contract by the innocent party). Under this doctrine, it has been clearly mentioned that wherever in a contract, a term is expressed as a condition; the violation of such a condition leaves the innocent party with a right to terminate the contract, at his own discretion. The existence of such a legal policy clearly establishes the fact that the Australian contract law does not pay heed to whether the degree of breach is major or minor. A mere violation of the condition is deemed to be a violation of the contract; thereby empowering the innocent party to contract a right to terminate the contract altogether at his own will and discretion[7]. The condition herein could be termed as a condition by the relevant applicable statute, by either of the parties themselves, or as a facet of the contract. This position was summarized in Ankar Pty Ltd Arnick Holdings Ltd v National Westminster Finance (Australia) Ltd. Termination for Serious Breach of an Intermediate Term: The Hong Kong Fir Doctrine The Hongkong Fir Doctrine broadened the scope of termination of contract by the innocent party to contract. The issue raised herein was whether charterers under a time charter party had a right to cease the contract, against a breach found in Clause 1 of the charter party agreement. The Doctrine of Hong Kong Fir was responsible for the birth of the deciding factor whether a term was a condition or a warranty. In case it was a condition, the breach of the condition would always lead to the innocent party an upper hand in deciding whether they wanted to terminate the contract or not. By all means of legal provision, it was a terminated contract under such situations, even if the breach was considered to be a minor one. On the other hand, had the term been expressed as a warranty, it would have been impossible for the charterers to terminate the contract given the breach of the seaworthiness term, irrespective of how serious the breach was in the given scenario? Heres where the birth of a third way was given by Diplock LJ, who gave a preferenced judgment to performance of contract over its termination thereby initiating the system of adoption of such categorization. Conclusion The idea that a contract may be terminated for breach of condition is an important one because even a minor breach of such a term will justify termination of the whole contract. It is truly applicable under the Australian contract law, wherein the idea of judgment for assessing the termination of contract is not whether the breach of condition was minor or major. Given the degree of increase of law statutes associated with the contract law, supplemented by the court judgments passed since the late 1900s, it can be safely stated that the Australian contract law has evolved over a long period of law, and is still evolving. References Brownsword, Roger, Retrieving Reasons, Retrieving Rationality? A New Look at the Right to Withdraw for Breach of Contract (1992) 5Journal of Contract Law83 Carter, John W; Tolhurst, GJ and Peden, Elisabeth, Developing the Intermediate Term Concept (2006) 22 Journal of Contract Law 268; ( Carter, John W, Intermediate Terms arrive in Australia and Singapore (2008) 24 Journal of Contract Law226; Clarke, Julie, Australian Contract and Consumer Law (February 9, 2016) Australian Contract Law Gamble, Roger, Australia and the Intermediate Term-No country for old rules, 2008. Swanton, Jane, Discharge of Contracts for Breach" [1981] MelbULawRw 4; (1981) 13(1) Melbourne University Law Review 69 Wan, Alex, Corporation and Contract Law, Thomson Reuters 2015, 154 Wan, Alex, Corporation and Contract Law, Thomson Reuters 2015, 156 Wolfe Howe, Mark De (ed), The Pollock-Holmes Letters (Harvard University Press, 1942) vol 1, 8.

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buy custom Kolb’s Learning Theory essay

buy custom Kolb’s Learning Theory essay Kolbs learning theory refers to a holistic perspective, which combines perception, experience, behaviors, and cognition. Martin (2006) defines learning as the process of creating knowledge by transforming experience. The components of Kolb learning theory involve observations and reflections, concrete experience, application in new situations, and formation of generalizations. These four components form the learning cycle of Kolb, which shows how experience undergoes transformation to guide people on active experimentation as well as how to choose new experiences (Swanson Holton, 2001). This discussion will consider observations and reflections, concrete experience, application in new situations, and formation of generalizations as the four components of Kolbs learning theory. Concrete experience (CE) is a stage of Kolbs learning cycle in which the learner experiences activities such as field work or lab session in an active manner (Martin, 2006). Direct experimental data are inevitable for the concrete experience. The experimental data enable people to solve various problems that they face. This stage provides a basis for reflective observations. Observations and reflections refer to the stage of learning in which learners reflect back on their earlier experiences in a conscious manner. Under this stage of learning, a person takes what he or she has concluded and watch to check if it is functional. Observations and reflections undergo assimilation and distillation into abstract conceptions, which produce new deductions for actions to create new experiences (Martin, 2006). Formation of generalization component refers to a stage of learning in which learners attempt to conceptualize a model or theory of what they observe (Martin, 2006). In this stage, people look at things as ideas and concepts after processing, which convert raw details into abstract concepts. Internal processing leads to the creation of meaning. The final component of Kolbs learning cycle is the application in new situations. In this component, learners are making attempts in planning to test models or theories or planning for forthcoming experiences (Martin, 2006). Under this stage of learning, an individual takes what he or she has concluded and do an experiment on it to check if it is functional. Buy custom Kolb’s Learning Theory essay

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The French Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The French Revolution - Essay Example They also cancelled all the special privileges of the many nobles and clergymen they felt were clogging up the system. They then looked at what the Americans had done with their Declaration of Independence from the U.K. in which they had tried to give equal rights to everyone. The French basically copies a lot of this and the Assembly published the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. This didn’t have any legal effect, but it was supposed to guide the government in making a new constitution. In the new document, all citizens are supposed to be guaranteed the rights of â€Å"liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression.† The Declaration argues that the peoples’ need for laws comes from the fact that â€Å"...the exercise of the natural rights of each man has only those borders which assure other members of the society the enjoyment of these same rights.† So the declaration sees law as a kind of â€Å"expression of the general will,† intending to promote equality of rights and to stop â€Å"actions harmful to society.† This was popular with many groups of people who had been disenfranchised under the old system and were looking for a big change which would give them more political power and reduce their tax rate. Previously the nobles had all the power and all the money; people were fed up and wanted things to be more equal. They felt they were a group that could no longer be trampled on by the upper classes, and that they h ad individual rights and should be able to be active French citizens. Two branches of politics can be seen to come out of this period. In the first—the American model—we can see people respecting individual rights and power devolved from government. In the second model we can see a sort of radicalism that destroys the old order and replaces it with a new radical order that wants everyone to be completely equal. This is the basis and foundation of Communism—many of whose